As a small business owner myself, I am committed to keeping St. Pete an economically prosperous city, with special emphasis on small and local businesses.


     I firmly believe what makes St. Pete unique is our focus on local business. Whether you are eating the Tampa Bay Cuban Sandwich at The Galley or grabbing a craft beer at Three Daughters, you know you are getting something genuinely St. Pete! To see how you can better support these wonderful small and local businesses visit 

   Correcting the Opioid Crisis

More info on specific policies:

    Keep the Rays in St. Pete:

Giving First Responders the resources that they need:

    Here is my proposal: St. Pete would not fully foot the bill of a new, forty-thousand seat, open-air stadium.


     Rather, we would split the cost with the Rays' Organization of a twenty-thousand seat stadium that has a retractable roof. Build this stadium on the Al Lang site with the Rowdies to play their games as well in this beautiful, state-of-the-art mixed use stadium. Have concerts similar to the ones at Raymond James, but in 72 degrees, with zero percent chance of rain. 

     Open up the 86 acres on the current Tropicana Field site to allow for a world-class Convention Center to bring business visitors from all over the United States to our vibrant downtown, just minutes away from our top-rated beaches. 


     Now keep in mind this is a mere proposal. This does not mean as a City Council Member that I would refuse to listen to any and all ideas. I freely admit there could be better ideas that balance the needs of our city and the Rays' Organization. 

   This platform is based off tactics to groom the future leaders of the city through apprenticeship and mentoring programs that accommodate the trade/tech, STEM fields, as well as the practices of Law and Medicine.

     The need to uplift all youth on a citywide basis, we believe is the key to the future success and sustainability of the City of St. Petersburg.  This approach will make us all take proactive steps to stifle youth crime, drug addiction, youth unemployment while simultaneously ending the longstanding reactive resolution of incarcerating our young residents. A vibrant youth community within the city equals a stronger adult population and workforce.

     There are a lot of important policies that can come second, but Youth must come First.

      From the ages of 9-14 I was blessed to have parents that could afford to send me to Walter Fuller recreational center for after-school and summer camp.

     I understand that not every parent is in a financial position to grant their kids this opportunity.

    I would like to work with the residents of St. Pete to find effective ways to ensure that all kids (despite their economic background) get a chance to enjoy wonderful programs like these.

     Let's take kids from being unsupervised on the streets, to positive social and fitness-driven programs. In addition to the goal of these fitness-driven programs reducing juvenile crime (and the costs of incarceration), they also meet the goals of Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg. To find out their mission please visit 

(Scroll down to bottom of the page for more specific policy details on Affordable Youth Programs.)

This is a paid political advertisement paid for and approved by John Hornbeck, Candidate for City Council of St. Petersburg, District One.

Affordable Homes

     Keeping the Rays in St. Pete:

"Youth First Initiative"

    Economic Development:

Environment and Sewage Issues:

Affordable Youth Programs:

"Clean Bay Initiative" 

1. Affordable Youth Programs- 

    Tampa Bay is a critical revenue source for St. Petersburg and with ever-growing infrastructure issues the City and residents must act now to save the precious resource.

   In 2018 over 2 million gallons wastewater made its way into Tampa Bay.

   In 2015-16 close to 200 million gallons of sewage spilled into Tampa Bay because of the current infrastructure is in need of massive overhaul.

   The system upgrade of new injection wells, filtration systems, rain trays, manhole liners and lining the interior of the sewer system has begun with a 326 million dollar infusion of cash approved by city council.

   This is a great start to comprehensively retrofit the wastewater treatment systems of the city but we cannot become complacent. We must forecast future needs of the system to parallel with the current and projected growth and development the City has in its bright future.


    Infrastructure might not be the prettiest use of money, however it is a vital investment.

"A Revitalization of the Rays" 

2. Environmental Accountability- 

3. Keep the Rays in St. Pete 

    I am going to fight to keep the Rays in St. Pete so long as it continues to benefit our city.


  I believe the Ray's economic impact has been a positive contribution to our city, and I will facilitate the Ray's calling St. Pete home so long as it continues to add value to us.

   I have fresh and creative ideas to help broker this, which will allow both the Rays and the City of St. Pete to win! (Scroll down to bottom of the page for more specific policy details.)

     Police, Firefighters, EMT/Paramedics, as well as other first responders are vital to our wonderful city. Their commitment to their calling saves lives, while putting their own at risk.

     We now need to have their back and ensure they are able to do their professions, as safely and efficiently as possible. 

     First, we need to understand that this crisis in St. Pete does not just affect low-income families, but also middle-income families as well. 

     There are no easy solutions, but I pledge that I am committed to fighting hard for this issue and uniquely qualified as an attorney to battle tough problems, and work to find good solutions.

       St. Pete needs to ensure that low-income, elderly residents, and middle-income residents have access to affordable homes.

   Opioid addictions, specifically heroin and fentanyl, are on the rise in Pinellas County.

  Nationwide, more Americans died due to drug overdoses than in the wars of Vietnam and Iraq combined.

    Now, it might be easy to think that this issue does not effect you, or to be less than sympathetic to these users. However, as someone who regularly works with health care professionals suffering from opioid addictions, I can tell you that these are real people.

    They are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brother and sisters. We cannot turn a cold shoulder to them. We need to give them a helping hand up and out of this pit, by ensuring adequate funding to both preventative programs, as well as treatment programs.

    To find out more about how this affects Pinellas County and what we can do please click  


      I will prioritize the continue implementation of the Integrated Sustainability Action Plan which works to reduce emissions, and increase energy efficiency and tree plantings. 


    We need to understand that preserving our environment is not just the ethical thing to do, but it is also a positive financial decision.

    Tampa Bay is a critical revenue source for St. Petersburg and with ever-growing infrastructure issues the City and residents must act now to save the precious resource. Sewage and Wastewater Infrastructure might not be the prettiest use of money; however it is a vital investment. 


     (To find out more please scroll down to the end of the page to "Clean Bay Initiative".)